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Rebuilt 4L60e Transmission

Rebuilt 4L60e Transmission
Item# 4ltr
2/4wd:  Bellhouse:  year: 

Product Description

Rebuilt Chevy 4L60e Transmission- Rebuilt using new clutches, seals, bushings, monster sunshell, EPC solenoid, band, and Dacco torque converter. We also help eliminate bind up in reverse, 3-4 clutch burn-up, low and reverse clutch burn up, provide more lube oil, eliminates delayed engagement in forward and reverse, reduces clutch and band failure, improves shift quality, reduces slide in second gear, and we repair tcc valve for 1870 code. 3 Year/36,000 miles warranty. Shift kit available for $150. $200 core charge if you do not have one. Not Available for shipping.